Bear Manor Cotons

Bear Manor Cotons

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Bear Manor Cotons is a Code of Ethics breeder with the American Coton Club (  Dr. Gail Lash has been in the breed since 1975 when the first Cotons came from Madagascar with Dr. Jay Russell, as both Gail and Jay were studying lemurs at Duke University. In 1978, Gail acquired Lucy, a pet-quality Coton, and showed other Cotons at the Rare Breed Kennel Club dogs shows in California (see photo of Marcel below). In 1984, Lucy's brother, César of Alika Cotons was born and he became Gail's dog. When Gail moved to Atlanta with Lucy and César in 1988, Bear Manor was born. In 1992, Bear Manor acquired two females from Europe to mate with Bear Manor's Cesar of Alika Cotons and the rest is history!  Now, with her husband Nevin, the Lashes have bred several litters with other Malagasy and European lines.

Gail Best of Breed

Currently two generations of Cotons live together in their Victorian home in historic Grant Park, downtown Atlanta, Georgia, see below.

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We feed the dogs raw meaty bones, fresh organ meats and fish from the farmer's market,  and have had great success with their health and happiness.  We have been learning canine health, vaccines and nutrition from our wonderful, holistic veterinarian Dr. Kimberly Parker ( and our reproductive vet, Dr. Rebecca Kestle (  Our dogs and pups are very well taken care of.  For more information about a raw diet and other health canine health articles - see links below.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email so that we can help you decide if a Coton is right for your family.  The following web pages describe life at Bear Manor and try to give you an idea of how loved our dogs are - as they are "licked into shape with love" by their siblings, parents, and grand and great grand mothers!
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ACC "Code of Ethics" Breeder since 1975
with Malagasy and European stock

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Three Generations at Bear Manor 2008
Sammy (top), Rozzy (left) & Ariel (right)

All are gone - but live on in all our dogs.

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