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Being retired from breeding
doesn't mean no dog business...

Current photos below of our fabulous 4,
Orion, Artemis, and the pups, Winnie and Raph

March 2018

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A couple of days before delivering the pups, Arte was an extra wide load!

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RIP Uma-Zooma

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On May 2nd, 2017

Uma passed away due to a heart condition.
She showed no signs of distress until that morning, we took her to the vet,
but it was too late - her little body could not hold up.
She chose to go before the puppies due in a week than put us through a long illness with medications.

Instead, as quietly as she appeared, she is gone.

We loved her wise and free spirit. She is missed.

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Throw-back Thursday 2013:
Here’s Orion as a young pup (on left) with his new pal Artemis of Bear Manor.

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