Bear Manor Cotons

Bear Manor's Cesar of Alika

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César (#40 Coton in the US) was Gail's dog from her days in California with Dr. Jay Russell. He was her constant companion and happy Coton. He moved with her to Atlanta and helped her settle into her new house before Gail was able to get two females from Belgium; Elsie and Julie.

César bred with each of the two females, one living with Gail's sister and the other staying with Nevin and Gail, and produced three litters. Gail kept the first born son (Omar) from Elsie, and the first female (Sammy) from Julie and formed the core of Bear Manor's breeding group.

César was born, November 14, 1984 and died, July 5, 2001. He was 16 years old. He was 12" at the shoulder and 18 lbs.

He was a gentle giant of a Stud dog, and loved all his females - Omar on the other hand was always treated as a potential rival and there were fights on occasion (having two breeding males isn't the best combination). They did work it out and live in harmony for many years - once Omar realized his place as #2. Mostly, César was the leader of a happy and growing family group.
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