Bear Manor Cotons Licked into shape with love

Lucy's Litter, 7/7/01

Extra large Litter

Comparing two litters

Puppy pile

3 week old pup

Oversized load

Chilling on the pad

Brutus at 3 weeks

Feeding time

At 5 weeks, they are huge

Brutus is 4 lbs and long in the leg

Callie is not as tall, but similar weight

Mark Anthony, crocodile hunter

6 weeks, look like 6 months

Tony the heartbreaker

Brutus at 10 weeks

Callie at 10 weeks

Tony at 10 weeks

These pups are ready...

to melt hearts.

Tony at his new home

Tony stretching out

Tony, ready for his closeup

Callie at one year is ready for food

Callie playing in snow with brother Andy

Warming up