Bear Manor Cotons

Bear Manor's Lucy of Alika

Lucy says, "I'm going to start a new breed of Dog - I know I can do it... it is my destiny!
We are just the beginning of a new, faster COTON!!!  Watch out for us!"

Bear Manor Cotons
The "Tall" Coton 

Bear Manor is proud to have produced the first official litter in the "Pet-experimental" breeding program for the CTCA -(don't worry we are working on the name! - Pet-X ?)

Test #1

"Big Boy" of Colts Neck Cotons to Bear Manor's "Lucy" of Alika Cotons. Born on the July 7, 2001, we are eager to see if, in fact, breeding "Talls" to "Talls" in Dr. Jay Russell's hypothesis, gives you all "Talls".   To read more about "Talls" - read Jay's great article attached below...for all you information freaks. This page is for those that are interested in learning more about these great dogs and the potential for a new breed of Coton.

Just to make things more complicated... Lucy's litter was whelped at Jenny Lane Cotons - with their "Maggie" of Savikko also giving birth to a litter - with "Kona" of Bear Manor.  We also are sharing images of their "normal" litter together with Lucy's, and you will see the size comparison.

At the one year point it appeared that all 3 pups are above standard height, and have exceeded normal Cotons in weight. Even though we placed all the pups, it was very difficult for people to embrace the concept of a "Tall" coton, and we had difficulty finding additional un-neutered "tall" males for Lucy to breed to. The pups that we did place have found wonderful homes, yet none were interested in keeping their dogs 'whole'. In 2003, we again approached "Big Boy's" family to try again - but a heavy snowstorm in NY canceled our effort. A couple of years later, a terrible illness took Big Boy, and our efforts into the world of creating a new breed of Coton died with him.

Lucy lived with us until 2009, when we found a great home for her to live our her life in the home of one of our puppy's owners parents. She lived with them for only a short time until one snowy night she ran off, and was never seen again.

Enjoy the photos from Lucy's 1st and only litter
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Link to the complete article by Robert Jay Russell, Ph.D.regarding the Tall Coton Experimental Program. Click Here

lucytall4 lucydog
Photo: On left - Lucy @ 10 weeks
On right - Lucy, 3 years later

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