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Omar of Bear Manor

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Omar was our first born son from a breeding of César and our Female, Elsie (Himalaya of Valaury's Cottage). He had two siblings, Ursula and Gwen. Ursula went to live in Michigan, and got to have several litters as did Gwen (Bina) lived in Virginia with a nice family.

He was born June 30, 1995, and died April 4, 2011 - he was almost 16 years old.

Omar was 11" at the shoulder and weighed 16 lbs. I was the perfect Coton - not too big, not too small - not to heavy not too light - just right. He loved his toys and ran with a bit of a side step in the house - but once outside, he flew like the wind. Omi to his friends, he was the sweetest of the group, a gentle soul and a loving mate. He was Gail's dog, and would pine terribly when she was away, waiting patiently by the gate waiting to spring into action when he'd see her. He was a great licker, and he would show her how much he missed her with his tongue.

He was an ARBA Champion, and loved the show ring, the times that we gave him the chance to compete.

He is missed by his whole pack, but especially his Sister, Sammy, who died one year after he did. Omar died after Nevin's Dad Seymour passed away - so might say he trotted off to catch up to him, so he'd have a companion he knows and loved. He loved everyone and was loved by everyone.
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Omar's Champhionship Certificate - 12/12/97

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