Bear Manor Cotons

Rosalind of Bear Manor

Rosalind of Bear Manor

Rosalind passed away in 2014 from natural causes - she was 15 years old.

Rozzy, to her friends, was Nevin's dog. She was the last dog to be placed in her litter of seven - and Nevin was left at home to find her a great home while Gail went off for an extended research trip. When Gail returned, Rozzy was still here - and very comfortable.

Rozzy had a gentle, wonderful disposition. She was the original 'shaggy dog' or “Wookie” with a playful personality. She had her trademark 'stand-up' routine that she uses to get attention and tummy rubs. She was our largest Coton, 13" at the shoulder and weighing 22 lbs…she likes her food.

Rozzy had one litter and was a great mom. We let her keep one of her pups - Ariel - who kept her young and active. She was a squirrel chaser and friend to all. We miss her everyday!

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