Bear Manor Cotons

Rosalind's 2005 Litter's new homes

1st to leave the nest, Prospero!!  
at 10 weeks old, 7.5 lbs,  10 3/4" at the shoulder. Prospero is a potentially breedable "tall" Coton and he is living next door to Disneyland, with a great family with two growing boys! Watch out Goofy!We haven't heard the last of, "Buddy"?!?  but couldn't they come up with a better name!!!

2nd out the door, Ferdinand!!

 Ferdinand is a "pet" male. He has a strong chin and tri-color marking - -  He's Ferdi! and he found a home with three human boys in Baltimore, MD! @ 14 weeks, 8..3 lbs. , 8.75" tall  - 11" long. He may look square, but he's a cool dude!

3rd to go, Alonso

 Alonso had a hard time at his first home -  it didn't work  out for him - so he chose a new home!  He is now prince of the Manor-born. living with a female beagle named Julie, near Potomac, MD!

Finally, Miranda

 After a couple of false starts, Miranda has found her loving home with good friends of ours.  She's a nature girl that goes for long walks along the river and explores the deeper meaning of life along the Chattahoochee.

And of course,  Ariel

Well, we decided she would like to stay with us - and continue the Bear Manor Legacy as our next generation breeding female. Check out Ariel's 2007 litter page at Ariel's 1st Litter

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