Bear Manor Cotons Licked into shape with love

Rozzy's Litter born May 10, 2005
Rozzy's first litter - The first 12 weeks or so...

Pregnant Rozzy trying to relax

Breakfast in bed/box after a long night

Week 1 weights bigger than ever before

Giving mom a break - three at a time

One week old sleepers

At two weeks - eyes open and moving out

but mostly they are chillin'

Today's lesson, learn to lap

and Grammy Sammy wants to watch

At 3 weeks, mom is still best

Lapping from everyone except Alonzo

nap time is play time

A live body pillow

Mom hangs around, telling stories...

But she also likes her own space.

A new popular place - under the chest

Facinated by new food..

At 6 weeks - who's the tall one?

and new friends...

and the great outdoors!

well, not everyone is ready.

It doesn't take long to master steps.

At 8 weeks, "I need 5 hands for 5 pups!"

Uncle Omar, wants some Mom time

Miranda likes fringe

Alonzo's playdog magazine pose

Competition for kennel time

Loosers get the bed

Mom has lots more to teach

Quality time together

Miranda is always glad to see you

Smiling faces and evergreen azaleas

Solid as a rock, a small rock

Getting measured is a group thing

Alonzo relaxes after a big romp