Bear Manor Cotons

Uma's 2015 Litter

Due to Overwhelming Interest - -
We have gotten commitments from five great families for this litter.

We had many wonderful families to choose from, and feel terrible that we can’t help more folks find their next ‘best friend’ and potential love of their life! These dogs are so much, to so many nice people.
Thanks for getting in touch, and hope you find the Pup of your dreams soon.

February 7, 2015 (right on schedule)

Uma's Pups are here!


We have 4 females and 1 male.

#1 Female- Black and White spotted and ears
#2 Male- Black and White spotted and ears
#3 Female- Tri-color spots and ears
#4 Female- White (largest of the litter)
#5 Female- Black and White spotted and ears

First Day Photos
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Gail, keeping watch and assisting Uma as needed, during the whelping.

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Uma, taking a break after 4 puppies in 1/2 hour

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The big 5, by seven AM, the first day. I love the two on the left holding hands!

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Typical Puppy Pile - Day 1

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All 5 nursing or snuggling - and mom getting some needed rest.

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Mom taking a break, having a meal in the box with her pups.
She has been eating 6-7 meals a day to stay ready to feed her litter,
and drinking gallons of water, but only in her box with the kids.
A great Mom!

First Week Photos
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#1 - “Jo” Female B&W

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#2 - “Teddy” Male B&W

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#3 - “Beth” Female Tri-color

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#5 - “Amy Female B&W

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#4 - “Meg” Female White

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The Litter - at the juice bar

Puppies Named!
We usually select Shakespeare play characters for our litter names.
Since we have four females, and Shakespeare doesn’t use too many female characters,
for this litter we have chosen Louisa May Alcott’s
Little Women novel, with her four sisters, and the boy next door.

Third Week Photos

Everyone is getting fat and happy - around 2 lbs each. Lots of sleeping - but with an expanded habitat - they are up and walking around - but mostly laying around!

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Puppy Pile 2015

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Hanging with Mom

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Early Lapping of Goat Milk

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Nev went to visit to the Goat farm to get some fresh milk for the pups.

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